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Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0

ICA Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) and its members in the Philippines, are proud to announce the second edition of the Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit (#CoopYouthSummit) from August 18-21, 2018 in Cebu, the Philippines. The theme of the Second Summit is, 'Creative Skills, Co-operative Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development.' The Summit has been envisioned to be a combination of engaging talks delivered by Youth Leaders from the Asia Pacific and Global co-operative movement, the Co-operative/Coop Pitch, and the Outdoor and Experiential Learning Activities planned to strengthen the spirit of solidarity midst the youth gathered there. For more information please click here.


The Philippines

Auguest 18, 2018

09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Program Schedules

AUGUST 18-21, 2018

Friday, August 17 2018


Arrival of Participants at VICTO Haus

Arrival of Delegates in Pinamungajan


LAMAC cultural program

Press conference & Dinner with Municipal Mayor & Congress Representative

Saturday, August 18 2018

06:30-08:30 Breakfast
08:30-09:00 Registrations

Opening Ceremonies

Morning Honours (Anthem, Pledge, Sponsors & Greetings)

Promo video for the Youth Summit kick-off

ICA-AP Opening Message- Mr. Balu Iyer, Regional Director, ICA-AP

Solidarity Messages

Mr. Milinda Rajapaksha, Council Member, Colombo Municipal Council, Founder of the South Asia Regional Youth Network & Former Co-Chair of the World Conference on Youth 2014

Mr. Benjie S. Oliva, OIC Chairperson, Cooperative Development Authority & Former National Youth Commissioner

Keynote Address- Ms. Zoe Clavel- an 11-year student of the SPED Integrated School for Exceptional Children, Iloilo, The Philippines & Member of NATCCO-Aflatoun Network


LAMAC Orientation

Lamac is the name of a barangay (smallest administrative division) located in the isolated mountains of Cebu, which now boasts of a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Participants will get to know how the Lamac co-operative is impacting the lives of its members and their community while growing at a sustainable pace!


Lunch (Barrio Fiesta)

An array of amazing food choices from different stalls.


Community Immersion in Amazing Race Format Get a first-hand perspective of how things are done when you’re part of a team. For this, try to go beyond the mundane tasks and immerse yourself with your sense of community involvement while learning by doing.

19:00 onwards

Reception Dinner | CYP night (Coop Youth Planet)

During the dinner, Lamac Multipurpose co-operative will present its commitment to providing their youth with more opportunities to have their voices heard and helping future leaders emerge. Get oriented to a successful youth program in the Philippines and get ready to be amazed while a eating scrumptious meal, when they will share their talents and skills with a show to remember!

Sunday, August 19 2018

09:00-09:15 Agenda setting for the Summit- ICA-AP representative


1 hour discussion followed by Q&A for 30 minutes

Panel 1 - Creative Skills as Precursors to Youth Entrepreneurship

Moderator- Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson, ICYC

- Mr. Brian Lariche, Board Member, Asia, Aflatoun International, Malaysia

- Ms. Raquel Choa, Founder, The Chocolate Chamber, The Philippines

- Ms. Samiramis Shahesmaili, Researcher, Barg-e-No Research and Educational Cooperative, Iran

- Mr. Jed Senthil, Team Lead, NTUC, Service, Campus & Youth, SNCF, Singapore

- Ms. Hilda Ojall, Alliance Africa Youth President, Kenya

10:45-11:00 Tea Break


1 hour discussion followed by Q&A for 30 minutes

Panel 2- Co-operative Difference in Entrepreneurship

Moderator- Ms. Justine Limocon, Business Development Centre Head, LAMAC Multipurpose Cooperative

- Ms. Trinh Thi Ly , Member, Sinh Duoc Herbal Cooperative, Vietnam

- Ms. Kanupriya Saigal, Founder, Bee Positive, India

- Mr. Yonten Dorji, Chairperson, Shamo Zhimpu Production Youth Cooperative, Bhutan

- Mr. Viknesh Rajandran, CEO, Coop2u, Malaysia

- Mr. Wooyeol Sim, Chairperson, AcademiCoop, Korea


LUNCH & Cooptivate (Cooperatives + Motivate)- a short inspiring speech by youth co-operators & leaders! Mr. Wan Mohd Hasif Wan Muhamat Ali (tbc)


Coop Pitch Finale

One of a kind battle of ideas to promote the co-operative enterprise model!

18:00 onwards


Life happens while we are busy consuming and sharing experiences in real time. This is mainly the essence of this year’s Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0 or #CoopYouthSummit; that while you live for a good time, building lasting relationships should matter more. With LAMAC as the host, we hope to capture the whole experience with a meaningful ritual. Clue: it’s a small world after all ☺

Monday, August 20 2018

All Day

Swimming with Whale Sharks and visiting cultural heritage sites Enjoy the sights and sounds of the country side when visiting the southern town of Cebu while enjoying various stops to its famous destinations.

Transfer to Rajah Park Hotel

19:00 onwards

DINNER & PRIZE DISTRIBUTION FOR COOP PITCH Speech by Cebu City Governor- Hon. Hilario Davide

Tuesday, August 21 2018

08:30-09:00 Morning Honours


1 hour discussion followed by Q&A for 30 minutes

Panel 3- Placing Youth at the Centre of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Moderator- Mr. Santosh Kumar, Program Manager, ICA-AP

- Video message from Mr. Marco Roncarati, UNESCAP

- Ms. Lasalette Gumban, Youth Program Officer, NATCCO

- Mr. Ankit Parihar, Delegate, IFFCO, India

- Mr. Noland Penas, Chairperson, Panaw Sumilao Multi-purpose Cooperative

- Mr. Mark Villarin, Red Roots Cooperative

10:30-10:45 Tea Break

Country Presentations by Delegates Capturing country-specific current challenges faced by youth, how co-operatives can help in alleviating them, & how can we increase the involvement of youth in the co-operative movement!



Cooptivate- a short inspiring speech by youth co-operators!

Mr. Sebastien Chaillou, Chairperson, ICA Global Youth Network


Group work on Placing Youth at the Centre of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Charting Future Steps Facilitators: Summit Mentors

14:30-14:45 Presentation of the Synthesis of the Summit Proceedings

Closing Ceremony

-Mr. Tomas Leonor, Founder, Step Juan

-Mr. Daniel Ang, CEO, Philippine Co-operative Centre

Vote of thanks: ICA-AP Representative

15:15 onwards DEPARTURES

Who's Speaking?

Asia Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0

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Mr. Milinda Rajapaksha

Member, Colombo Municipal Council

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Mr. Balu Iyer

Regional Director, ICA-AP

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Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur

Pakistan, Moderator

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Mr. Brian Lariche

Malaysia, Speaker

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Ms. Raquel Choa

Founder, The Chocolate Chamber, The Philippines

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Mr. Jed Senthil

Singapore, Speaker

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Ms. Hilda Ojall

Kenya, Speaker

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Ms. Justine Limocon

The Philippines, Moderator and Head of the Business Development Centre of Lamac Multipurpose Cooperative, Cebu

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Ms. Trinh Thi Ly

Vietnam, Speaker

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Ms. Kanupriya Saigal

India, Speaker

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Mr. Yonten Dorji

Chairperson, Shamo Zhimpu Production Youth Cooperative, Bhutan

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Ms. Viknesh Rajandran

Malaysia, Speaker

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Mr. Wooyeol Sim

Korea, Speaker

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Mr. Santosh Kumar

India, Moderator

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Mr. Mark Villarin

The Philippines, Speaker

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Ms. Lasalette Gumban

The Philippines, Speaker

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Mr. Ankit Parihar

India, Speaker

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Mr. Noland Penas

The Philippines, Speaker



Asia-Pacific Co-operative Youth Summit 2.0

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